Computing technology was in another stage of innovative development during the 1980s. First home PC and internet protocol just started. It marked the new era of computing and communication that began to take shape from its embryo.

In Indonesia, PT Sistech Kharisma was established in 1985 and started distributing then and later major, well known IT products in 1987 from its office in Jakarta, it went from just 5 products to more than 15 products and over time, it grew as the most extensive distribution network and services suppored by initially 20 dealers/resellers to hundreds of dealers and/or resellers.

PT Sistech Kharisma has served more than 3000 customers mainly from corporate sectors and countless of private consumers who have purchased IT solutions for practical and daily uses and integrated and more complicated systems that run and process a business 24/7 through backup, development and connectivity.

It builds on interest in long-term business partnership with vendors, dealers/resellers and customers and has wide coverage throughout Indonesia with branches in most main cities. It helps to bring the IT solutions to where it can serve with close and good interactions.

In digital era, PT Sistech Kharisma embraces new thinking and approach of being cloud service provider (CSP) and integration of internet of things (IOT) that brings greater flexibility, efficiency, scalability for any entity, private and business, to bring up each business with mobility technologies. It works with the clients to streamline the process so that clients can focus on business’ growth and development.

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