IT Consulting

Sistech provides our corporate and business partners with collective information for determining system requirements and defining project objectives to their customers. Sistech also delivers IT solutions for migrating to new IT services with additional or replacements or upgrades of IT infrastructure components.

IT consulting services exist to help our customers/clients in developing and integrating applications in small to big enterprises, being the authorized partners of global ICT technology brands and the strategic partner for ICT technology solutions end to end.

Thereby the applications will bring benefits for improving employee productivity, optimize business efficiency, timely consumer engagement and transform your products or services. It aims to better engagement and teamwork for enterprises with diverse branches and employees across Indonesia with software-defined hardware.

By having regular consultation with our experienced IT consultants, you will be in tune with product and software upgrades as they keep pace with latest improvements. You will be guided for strategic matching up of hardware resources tailored to your specific business cycles. This is one of approaches we can suggest to you so that you won’t have problem with over and under capacity that will waste on your energy and technology spending. Other important aspect is whether you will need on-premise hardware or cloud solutions to run your operations. There are more you can find with our consultation for agility.

IT Infrastructure Service by IT Consultant includes:

  • IoT Technology
  • Hyper-converged Technology
  • Network and Security
  • Data Center Technology

Please consult with us to define your needs for appropriate consultation scheme as it may come under one package with our products or it may go with project management.


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