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Linkyfi is a public WiFi access management system. Built to offer captive portal functionality, secure internet access, customer insights, and targeted marketing capabilities, it’s the only WiFi marketing solution you need to understand your customers.

How the Linkyfi WiFi platform works

Grant visitors WiFi access

Create a WiFi network accessible through a captive portal using our graphic user journey editor. Easily design login and flow pages, manage access settings, and forms to capture visitor information. Users have various options for logging into your portal. Offer guests social media, email, google or questionnaire login options and laverage two-factor authentication to ensure access is limited to guests who accept your conditions.

Gather guest insights

As visitors sign into your captive portal for internet access, they consent to share personal data in return. While you collect visitor age, gender, location along with engagement and retention rates, Linkyfi’s industry leading machine learning algorithms get to work. They are designed to silently collect user behaviour insights for your use to elevate your locarion’s operational efficiency.

Run targeted marketing campaigns

Analyse guest personal data and behaviour within your venue. With access to real-time and historical data and insights, you can drive true omnichannel marketing initiatives. Deliver highly personalized email, coupon or SMS marketing campaigns to new and returning visitors at the right time.

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