Designing IT infrastructure very important and it will make customers business running well and growth faster. With a right sizing and assessment, Sistech will help provides recommendations, such as appropriate hardware, system even software.

 Design Services include:

  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Infrastructure

Data Center Products

Data center is the brain of the company. Next generation of Data center products should be able to improve data center agility, efficiency and simplicity with the technology. Sistech provides suitable product for next generation Data Centre

Enterprise Network Products

Enterprise network eliminate isolated users and workgroups, all enterprise products should be able to provide satisfactory performance, security and reliability.


Sistech provide software for desktop and server

 Internet of Thing (IoT)

Sistech provide a solution on how to connect IoT and secure access to your network

 Mac Notebook

Stylish and reliable notebook


Sistech provide a peripheral to support on your personal workload.